Hospices de Beaune
History of the estate
Cultivation of the vines
Vinification and ageing processes


Vinification and ageing processes

The harvest is undertaken by hand and the grapes
are sorted twice in succession.

We leave the “indigenous” yeasts to do their work and
we have reduced the amount of additives to an absolute minimum, namely SO2 and chaptalisation (adding them only when necessary).
The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation of the white wines takes place in casks during a wine aging process of 11 to 18 months depending on the year and the vintage.
The vinification of the red wines takes place in concrete vats
and lasts from between 10 to 15 days. We do not systematically
collect all the juice from the pressing. Afterwards the wine aging process takes place in casks over the course of 10 to 16 months depending on the year and the vintage with 15% to 25% in new casks.

We have eliminated pumps: when we cannot use gravity, we draw off the wine by pushing it through with air. This treatment is much gentler and means we have been able to avoid filtering the red wines since 2007 and the whites since 2008.

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