Hospices de Beaune
History of the estate
Cultivation of the vines
Vinification and ageing processes


Our objectives are the pursuit of quality
and respect for the environment.

To achieve this we cultivate the vines in a manner we regard as relatively traditional, whilst respecting our convictions:
- working the land to eliminate chemical weed killers but equally to aerate our soil and to encourage microbic life
- moderate yields: from barely 40hl to 50hl depending on the appellation. These limited yields are managed by keeping the vines short and ensuring tight control over foliage;
- limited use of chemicals in pest control: as far as possible, we endeavour
to limit the number of treatments each year, as well as the amount of chemicals used.

The manual work among the vines is fundamental: disbudding on all the plots, double disbudding for the reds, foliage removal on the side facing the morning sun, lateral shoot removal, trimming as high as possible to maximise the leaf surface area and consequently achieve better maturity.

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