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Crémant de Bourgogne
Ali Boit Boit

Ali boit boit, vin de soif

Ali Boit Boit et les 40 buveurs
white and pink

The "traditional method" ou "sparkling natural" consists of bottling the wine early, before the end
of alcoholic fermentation of the 'must'.
Without the addition of sugars, yeasts and other additives
(either during the second fermentation or topping up after disgorging).
During fermentation, we use cold to retain a proportion of the sugars
contained in the 'must'.

The wine is then bottled.
Natural grape sugars and yeasts are locked into the bottle in which the alcoholic fermentation can continue and ultimately cease. The secondary fermentation, which creates the fizz, stops spontaneously in the bottle, when the yeasts and natural sugars are spent.

The carbon dioxide gas produced at this stage will give the wine its sparkle. There is no sediment or lees (or very little). Consequently it is not removed. Disgorging is not necessary. From the beginning to the end of the second fermentation process, the bottles remain capped. This method is simple
and does not require added sugars or yeast, racking, disgorging or re-stoppering of the bottles.

Cool drink. Drinking in the year.

100% Aligoté
Standard bottle
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